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5 Beautiful Wedding-Inspired WordPress Themes

wedding-rings13Commemorating a wedding is an important project that often takes a level of preparation and planning that is comparable to organizing the wedding itself. A good website is a way you can gather all of the information you need to commemorate the day, and crystalize the event into a tangible memory.

WordPress makes organizing and publishing all of this Online Marketing information simple, allowing you to compile images, videos, and all of the other media that is generated before, during, and after the wedding. The result can be an elegant and simplistic representation of what can potentially be the most important and chaotic event of a couples life together.

Check out the following themes that will allow you organize all the data in your wedding day.

TeslaThemes Demo

Wedding Day 

The title of the theme shows that it was designed for a very specific purpose. The theme comes with several predefined and alterable elements you can use to personalize your wedding site. The fact that the site is responsive means that the whether someone views your page on a tablet, laptop, mobile device, or desktop it will retain the visual elements you created. You can also easily link the page to your social media accounts, so if you have your own social media account or one created specifically for the wedding you can have it updated automatically with your theme. The theme comes with Google Web Fonts for greater customization and typography that can be styled within the columns to give the page a very authentic feel.

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5 New Greatest WordPress Slider Plugins

5 New Greatest WordPress Slider Plugins

pluginsA general review of the top 5 WordPress slider plugins that provide a prefect experience in making slideshows. Learning this will let you make the right choice of a slider plugin for your WordPress site.

WordPress slider plugins are very popular among the WordPress users. Best of them allow you to make great slideshows and content sliders for your pages and posts in a quick and remarkably easy way. Such slider elements contribute much to the style of your page, making it more unique and memorable. Sliders are a powerful way to draw attention to a specific content, shown in a compact and neat way.

There are quite a lot of slider plugins today available for WordPress tool. However, by no means all of them are simple and pleasant to work with. Here I would like to point out 5 of the newest (or recently updated) slider plugins for WordPress that grant you easy and extremely effective way of creating slideshows.

Slider Revolution v.3

Slider Revolution has been among the topmost slider plugins for WordPress for a long time. It has proven itself to be a reliable tool, comfortable to work with. Numbers of options let you make masterpiece sliders for your page.

Version 3.0, released 23.06.2013, includes FullScreen slider mode function, HTML5 Video (videoJS), even better user interface, and other improvements based on feedback from users.

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